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China Will Continue To Give Zero-tariff Treatment To The Least-developed Countries
Feb 02, 2018

Following the December 1, 2017 to reduce the import tariffs on some consumer goods, since January 1, 2018, China will also make some adjustments to other import and export tariffs.

It is learned that by 2018, the import duty on digital radiography flat-panel detectors, dobby or jacquard machines, positive battery materials for power batteries, advanced pharmaceutical raw materials and coco bran will be reduced by the provisional import tax rate, and appropriate to expand the scope of the provisional import tax rate of motor vehicles.

China will properly raise the provisional import tariff of nickel ingot, abolish the tentative tax rate on the import of waste products such as magnesia brick, scrap steel slag and waste slag, and resume the most-favored nation tax rate, and abolish the export tariffs on such products as steel and chlorite, and appropriately lower the export duties on products such as ternary compound fertilizer, apatite, coal tar, wood chips, ferrochromium and billets.

In addition, on July 1 next year, China will also launch the third tariff reduction on information technology products and make corresponding adjustments to the provisional import tax rate on some information technology products. Next year, China will continue to implement the APEC environmental product tax reduction commitments and continue to give zero-tariff treatment to the least-developed countries.

In 2018, the total tax-adjusted tax items will be 8,549.http://www.pump-casting.com/

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