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What are the material forming methods for valve fitting valve spheres
Jan 12, 2019

Valve fittings The valve spheres can be machined differently during the machining process. More common are forging and casting. Forging is mainly divided into free forging and die forging. Free forging means that the metal blank is heated and placed between the upper and lower sides of the forging equipment, applying impact force or pressure, so that the blank directly produces plastic deformation, and a processing method for producing the forged piece is obtained.


For valve fitting valve spheres, the main advantages of free forging are: wide application range, flexible application, short production cycle, and the only way to process extra large forgings. The formal term of die forging is called model forging, and the billet is heated and placed in a forging die fixed on the die forging machine for final forming. The most common type of die forging on a press is a hot forging press.


Regardless of which type of forging is used, a suitable forging ratio should be used during the ball forming process of the valve fitting valve. The forging ratio refers to the ratio of the cross-sectional area of the billet (metal) before and after forging. Different methods, the methods and methods of calculation are different. In addition, the temperature of the forging should also be considered.www.pump-casting.com

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