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The function and structure of the pump fitting vane
Dec 29, 2018

The pump fitting vane is a key component of the water guiding mechanism of the hydropower station. At present, there are three kinds of electrical processing methods for the plant: sand casting, electroslag casting and forging vanes. Its function is to collect the liquid from the impeller, reduce the flow velocity of the liquid, convert some of the velocity energy head into a pressure energy head, and then uniformly introduce it into the next stage or discharge through the diffusion tube.


In fact, the pump fitting vane and volute play the same role, mainly for segmented multistage pumps. In a multistage centrifugal pump, the vanes are loaded into the middle section with the partition. The guide vanes can be divided into radial guide vanes and flow passage guide vanes according to their structural forms. The positive guide vanes and the reverse guide vanes of the flow guide vanes are cast together, and there is a continuous flow passage in the middle, so that the liquid flows in the continuous flow passage, and it is difficult to form dead angles and sudden diffusion, the speed changes are relatively uniform, and the hydraulic performance is better. .


In view of practical application, in fact, the pump fitting vanes are mainly used for backflow in hydraulic machinery, such as the movable guide vanes of the turbine, the fixed vanes, and the vanes in the water pump. Their role is to generate the loop.www.pump-casting.com

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