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The development trend and material processing of the heat resistant steel charging tray
Dec 12, 2017

The heat resistant steel charging tray refers to the steel which works at high temperature. The development of the heat resistant steel charging tray is closely related to the technological progress of different industrial sectors, such as power plants, boilers, gas turbines, internal combustion engines and aeroengines. Because different kinds of machines and devices use different temperatures and bear different stress, the environment is different, steel varieties are different.

Now the temperature is a relative concept. Materials used in boilers and heating furnaces include low carbon steel. The temperature of the heat resistant steel charging tray is about 200 ℃, and the pressure is 0.8 MPa. Low carbon steel should be selected for the boiler used now, and the service temperature should not exceed 450 ℃ and the service pressure should not exceed 6mpa.

With the use temperature of different types of power plant increasing, the working pressure is also increasing rapidly. At present, the service temperature of the heat resistant steel reaches 700 ℃, and the service environment becomes more complicated and harsh.

The use temperature of the heat resistant steel charging tray ranges from 200 to 1300℃, and the working pressure ranges from a few MPa to tens of MPa. The working environment has also developed from a simple oxidation atmosphere to a more complex environment, such as a vulcanization atmosphere or a mixed atmosphere with molten salts and liquid metals.

In order to meet the requirements of different kinds of working conditions, the heat resistant steel charging tray is also developing. From the earliest use of low carbon steel, low alloy steel, to the high alloy heat resistant steel with more complex composition and multi-component alloying. Now, pearlite low alloy creep-resistant steel, martensitic refractory steel, valve steel,ferritic heat resistant steel are also used.http://www.pump-casting.com/

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