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The characteristics of fine finishing and selection of finishing methods
Jan 11, 2018

Fine finishing is mainly on the precision of machine tool equipment and effective use of its parts with strict constraints between the cutting tool relative movement, when they operate to trace the material cutting in order to obtain high shape accuracy and surface finish machining process. Its accuracy ranges from micron to submicron and even nanometer.Its application range is becoming more and more extensive.

Fine finishing in military industry and civilian industry and high technology are widely used, when making use of especially in the field of electrical automation, such as the missile fire control system, high precision disk, very large scale integrated circuit, copier drum, precision machine tools, such as a VCR head are fine finishing technology must be used.

The characteristics of fine finishing

1. Fine finishing is a precision machining method for grinding of the work piece with a fine abrasive oil stone mounted on the vibration head.

2. The super fine finishing process mainly for reducing the Ra value, it can reach 0.2 ~ 0.012mm, and could improve the shape precision appropriately.

3. Super fine finishing is highly productive, often used in machining crankshaft, roll, bearing ring and some precision parts of outer circle, inner circle, plane, channel surface and sphere.

The choice of fine finishing methods.

1. Removal processing : in the process of operating mainly from work pieces to remove part of the material, when making use of is a traditional machining methods, such as turning, milling, grinding and polishing, also special processing such as electrosparking and electrolytic machining these machining methods.

2. Combine with the machine.Use physical and chemical methods to combine different materials.According to the combination of mechanism, method, strength and so on, it is divided into three :attachment, injection and connection.

3. Deformation processing. Also called as flow processing, it is using force, heat, molecular motion and other means to produce deformation,both change its size, shape and performance.http://www.pump-casting.com/

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