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Casting process and processing quality of high chromium white iron castings
Dec 04, 2018

The casting process of high-chromium white iron castings and the quality of stainless steel castings are completely linked. In order to prevent the white mouth from being generated during the casting of stainless steel, in addition to the measures taken in the process, the wall thickness must not be too thin. The casting fillet of alloy and magnesium alloy metal castings shall not be less than 3-4 m.

In order to facilitate the removal of the casting and the extraction type, the casting inclination of the high chromium white iron casting should be larger than that of the sand casting, generally 30%-50%, and tend to be pressed against the metal type when the casting shrinks. The surface of the casting should be given a large slope. Due to the fast heat dissipation of the metal type, the minimum wall thickness of the stainless steel casting should be larger than that of the sand casting casting, and the minimum wall thickness of various casting alloys and castings of different sizes.www.pump-casting.com

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